International Pheromone Systems Ltd (IPS) is a UK based insect pheromone traps manufacturer. We are a customer-orientated company with over 30 years experience in developing and supplying high-quality insect pheromone and kairomone formulations along with lures and trapping systems.

IPS specialises in supplying semiochemical lures and traps to monitor insect pests and to promote sustainable Integrated Pest Management (IPM) in agricultural, horticultural, forestry, grain storage and urban settings. Our goal is to promote a more effective, economical and environmentally friendly approach to pest management by incorporating sound IPM principles and science into the monitoring systems on offer.

IPS is able to offer our customers the full package required to carry out an efficient pest monitoring program, or a semiochemical based control strategy. In addition to producing a wide range of pheromone lures, we offer some of the most suitable traps for each pest species and we supply our customer base with all the relevant information, advice and documentation needed to manage their pest problem. Management decisions are only as good as the data that they are based upon. If a well-designed monitoring program is carried out the information recovered will be accurate and the decision on when to time a spray to catch exposed pests will be correct.


The vast majority of IPS’s lures use semiochemicals to attract insect pest species (the other few being food-based attractants). Semiochemicals are naturally produced chemicals produced by organisms and are used to communicate between one another. Pheromones, one form of semiochemical, are used by one organism to communicate with another organism of the same species. Kairomones, another type of semiochemical, are chemicals used to interact between individuals of two different species. Many plant-produced volatiles are kairomones of particular interest to us, especially when they can be combined with a pheromone to improve attraction.

The tables in our online brochures list the pest species that we are able to offer products for and the table are categorised by pest types. The tables list the type of attractant offered and the recommended traps and dispensers that we supply to combat the pest. We are always happy to discuss alternatives with our customers so please feel free to contact us regarding alternative dispensers or traps. Equally, if a pest is not included in the lists included in our brochures please contact us as we may well be able to offer a product or solution.


IPS offers a wide range of different dispensers, all of which hold and release the active ingredient into the atmosphere in a controlled manner. Different dispensers have different properties, releasing certain chemicals at different rates and therefore only certain dispensers are suitable for a certain pest type. Our recommendations on which dispenser to use for each pest is based upon research and trials and are listed in the dispenser column in the Lures section of our brochures.

If an alternative dispenser is required please contact us and we will let you know if we are able to help. We are investigating new dispenser materials with superior physical and controlled release properties and are always looking to update our offer.


The correct combination of trap and lure is fundamental for a sensitive monitoring program. An understanding of the insect pests’ behaviour is essential for determining the most suitable trap to use and how to use it effectively.  For example, trap positioning and density can be determined by an insect’s dispersal ability and flight behaviour. As an Insect pheromone traps manufacturer, IPS offers customers our advice on where traps should be positioned and in what density to ensure that they have all the information at hand to run a reliable and efficient monitoring or control program.

Both the design and colour are principal factors that determine how well a trap functions. Many insects are attracted (or occasionally repelled) by certain colours so colour can be an important choice. The range of traps that we offer have been chosen based upon: research, our own trials and feedback from our customers, and will therefore maximise capture rates. There maybe more than one suitable trap for a number of insect pests and many of our customers have a personal preference based upon experience. Therefore, for many pests more than one trap is recommended (see Traps column in Lures section of our online brochure). Please feel free to contact us if you require advice on which trap or colour to use. The IPS trap range is continually expanding.


Please view our main site pages and our online brochures for information on animal care, forestry care, home and garden protection, pest control, and agriculture pheromones. Add International Pheromone Systems to your list of preferred pheromone traps manufacturers.


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