We have many personalities working at and with IPS. Each and everyone of them is a highly valued member of the team and makes a crucial contribution to our growth and success.

Here is just a few of them…

Graeme Hartley

Managing Director International Pheromone Systems Ltd.
Graeme took over the reins for IPS in 2016. His degree in business, wide ranging project management experience and solid business development knowledge in the food ingredients industry are proving very valuable as IPS grows ever more successful.

He lives with his partner Tamsin and his two children, Florence (age 5) & Fearne (age 1), plus Rolla
(a rescue dog, originally from Spain, via a UK based sniffer dog business, who unfortunately didn’t make the grade)

Absolute hate: Graeme thinks the word absolutely is too strong a word, but he doesn’t like people treating others, how they wouldn’t like to be treated themselves – basically bullies!

When it comes to food traditional seems to have his vote, i.e. roast beef, Yorkshire pudding and some fine vegetables, however he is a real food fan so it’s hard to choose for him.

And when he has not much else to do, he used to run and go to the gym & five a side football -
however, now it’s family time, which keeps him very fit (surprisingly).

Graeme calls New Brighton, the seaside town of Wallasey in the Wirral his home.
Nothing like a strong breeze to blow the cobwebs away to make important decisions, is there?

Graeme does: Business development and involved in everything else to do with the business (which is getting less as we keep getting star employees through the door…)

Neil Street

Operations Manager International Pheromone Systems
Neil joined IPS in 2016 with over 22 years of experience in the food industry having run four
multi-functional production facilities.

He lives with his wife Victoria and his two daughters Madeline & Matilda, which might sometimes prove to be a little challenging as his absolute hate is… shopping.

When it comes to food Neil seems to have a penchant for the U.S. food culture. Eggs Benedict are his firm favourite. The question we could not get answered though: with bacon or ham…

He enjoys spending his spare time, when he has any, doing something/anything with cars. A true petrol head we wonder…

Neil’s home is a 1930’s semi in Prenton in the Wirral. We bet he can hear the cheers when Tranmere Rovers FC is winning at home!

Neil does: A brilliant job making sure quality goods are produced for IPS’s diverse customer base and, of course, makes sure IPS stays ahead of the competition.

Sam Jones

Technical Manager International Pheromone Systems
Sam joined IPS in 2013 with his impressive accolades of DPhil Chemical Ecology, MSc Entomology, BSc Hons Chemistry, BSc Hons Zoology Entomologist, Chemical Ecologist

He lives with his wife Rachel and Viscount Stanley. No, it’s not what you may think – it is his pet dog!

To get into his good books you might want to serve him up his favourite food of some Gouda cheese or lasagne – preferably both! Just don’t add okra as a vegetable, he really dislikes it.

Another one of Sam’s great dislikes are traffic jams, which he unfortunately encounters on a relatively regular basis when travelling from his home in the North Wales countryside.

When he finally has time to relax, you’ll either find him in the garden or trying to beat someone at a board game.

Sam does: A job, which is of utmost importance to IPS and our customers. He leads all research and development and maintains the high effectiveness and quality of our product range. Sam also manages our growing technical department.

Payman Shafighi

Entomological Scientist at International Pheromone Systems
Payman joined IPS in 2017 bringing with him his expertise having worked in the biocide, pesticide and plant protection industry.

Currently not living far from our location in the Wirral, he shares his home with “all other creatures in the word” And yes, we have had them visit our facilities, too! IPS had a memorable encounter with one of his stick insects…

One trait, which Payman intensely dislikes is hypocrisy, something he is unlikely to encounter with his current house mates.

His favourite food may just also be a hint towards his origins. Serving him with Ghorme Sabzi (not many of you know what this may be.) It’s a Persian dish – a Persian herb stew.

When Payman is not working or looking after his creatures at home, he likes to indulge in photography, video editing, singing and travelling.

Payman does: The important job of laboratory analysis and product development

Tim Sawrey

Office Supervisor at International Pheromone Systems
Tim does a fantastic job keeping everything running well in our offices. From keeping all the way it should be he also makes sure our many customers are kept happy and are provided with an effective and efficient service. If you want to stay on his good side never be tempted to mispronounce his surname! He absolutely hates that! As he says: “After all is pronounced how you spell it ‘Saw rey’ “

Originally from Birmingham he has been a proud resident of Liverpool for the past years and enjoys going out with the lads or playing football mid-week.

We are not quite sure what his girlfriend Chelsea, whom he shares his home with, thinks about all that. Mind you, she still has the company of Marshall, the golden retriever!

We do hope she shares Tim’s love for Mexican food and has become an expert at creating fabulous Tacos with him…

Sue Harbottle-Sear

Managing Director Konzepts Ltd.
Sue has been working as a retained contractor for International Pheromone Systems since 2019 and brings with her a wealth of knowledge in marketing, all things social media and international business development.

Having farming in her DNA, she lives in a Victorian semi in the beautiful countryside on the East Sussex/Kent border surrounded by apple orchards with her two cats Leo and Louis.

Insincerity, Sue’s main dislike, is a trait certainly not found in her two companions.

As with Payman, her origins can be discovered via her favourite food of Bratwurst & Pommes, a German street food of a specific sausage and chips, preferrable with German mustard and chips covered in mayonnaise.

When time permits Sue can be found roaming the wide countryside around her with her camera. Her love of macro photography often discovers stunning images, not seen with a casual glance.

Sue does: All things marketing and is responsible for the new product and corporate brand strategy and look.

Suzi Christie BA MCIPR

Managing Director Blueberry Public Relations Ltd.
Suzi joined International Pheromone Systems a retained contractor in early 2021 with extensive public relations and communications experience across private and public sectors.

As may be expected of a PR specialist she absolutely hates grammatical errors, particularly as it can change the meaning of a sentence completely!

Suzi’s hobby is tennis, an activity, which may not be surprising, considering that the Eastbourne International Tennis tournament is held not far from her home in Hailsham, East Sussex.

She shares her home with her teenage son and a very fluffy Alaskan Malamute called Marnie.

We’d love to know which camp Suzi falls into with her favourite food of homemade scones, jam and clotted cream. Perhaps the clue is the sequence?

Suzi does: All things PR related for International Pheromone Systems with responsibility of raising the profile of the business and safeguarding its reputation.