Pest Research Hub

A new and exciting purpose-built laboratory space is being developed by International Pheromone Systems to work with stakeholders, who are working on technologies to control of pests or simply understand them better.

This space is designed to assist research for all things related to pests, which threaten our health or food security.
Perfectly designed for biotech companies, biocide or pesticide manufacturers and research groups or individuals.

The Pest Hub offers specialised technical services within the lab facilities, such as gas chromatography analysis equipment, temperature controlled test environment, Insectory, and various testing systems. Together we facilitate development of new pheromone formulations, traps and lures and can carry out wind tunnel studies of insect behaviour amongst the many facilities this bespoke space offers.

We are looking forward to a late June opening of this facility. Please get in touch, if you should be interested in some space in our state of the art research facility!

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