Apple Fruit Moth – Argyresthia conjugella





Wingspan of 10-14 mm. Forewings brownish grey with darker markings that have a purplish reflection. A white band is present along the posterior margin, which is interrupted by a dark brown median band. One to two white spots are present anteriorly, just before the wing tip. Hindwings are greyish-brown with a fringe of long grey hairs.


Length up to 7 mm. Body yellowish-white to reddish with head and occipital plate pale brown.


Round oval, pale red with small dark spots on the surface. Laid singly on unripe fruits.


Europe, Asia and North America

Economic Host(s)

Apple (Malus) and occasionally plum and cherry (Prunus). Mountain ash (Sorbus aucuparia) is the natural host. In years where fruit formation is low in its host, the moth will instead choose to lay eggs on these secondary hosts where the larvae will often fail to develop to adulthood.


After hatching the larvae immediately enter the fruit on the shaded side. Early instars mine the developing fruit while later instars gnaw twisting holes into the fruit to feed on the pulp. Infested fruits possess an evident entrance hole and the peel will turn pale and wrinkled, often with brown speckles.


Generations: 1-2


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