Cabbage Leaf Roller – Clepsis spectrana


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Forewing length of 7-12 mm. Forewings are pale yellow to tan with brown to dark brown markings. Most specimens have a costal spot and median band which is well defined from the costa to 1/3 of the distance to the dorsum.


Late instar larvae are 18-25 mm in length. The abdomen is brown to olive green with whitish pinacula and a pale lateral line below the spiracles. Head and prothoracic shield are dark brown to black. Anal comb is present with 6-8 long teeth.


Laid in small orange masses on the host plant.


Across Europe as far east as Turkey. Also present in the United States.

Economic Host(s)

Primarily a pest of strawberry, blackberry and black currant in Europe and also cultivated flowers in greenhouses.


Larvae feed within webbed leaves and can cause serious damage to foliage, flowers and developing fruits.


Generations: 2-3 (climate dependent)


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