Cabbage Looper – Trichoplusia ni




Wingspan of 33-38 mm. Forewings are mottled grey-brown in colour with a centrally located silvery white U shaped mark and dot. The hindwings are pale brown at the base and darker distally.


Young larvae are initially white, becoming pale green as they develop. Mature larvae reach 30-40 mm in size with a green body bearing a white stripe along each side. Clustered faint white stripes are usually also present along the back. The head and thoracic legs are pale green to brown. False prolegs are present on abdominal segments 3 and 4.


Hemispherical with longitudinal ridges, measuring ca. 0.6 x 0.4 mm in size and yellowish white to greenish in colour Laid singly or in small clusters on the upper and lower surfaces of leaves.


Worldwide except Oceania

Economic Host(s)

A wide range of cultivated plants including crucifers, lettuce, pepper, potato, tomato, watermelon and cultivated flowers.


Young larvae prefer to feed on the underside of leaves while later instars chew entire holes, usually in the centre of leaves. Larvae will bore into the head of cabbages and lettuces to feed and feeding sites become filled with sticky wet frass.




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