Christmas Berry Moth – Cryptoblabes gnidiella


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Wingspan of 11-20 mm. Head and thorax grey-brown. Forewing grey-brown with whitish suffusion and scattered reddish brown scales which can give a purplish sheen. Pale postmedian and antemedian bands. Veins conspicuous and pale grey-brown.


When mature about 12 mm long, narrowing towards each end. Body yellowish, olivaceous, reddish or brownish-grey with longitudinal stripes. Head and thoracic plate red-dish-brown to black. Pinacula blackish-brown surrounded by pale ochreous colouration. Thoracic legs red-brown to black.


Oval, irregularly reticulate, initially white and becoming yellow with age. Laid singly or in small batches.


Southern Europe, the Middle East, Hawaii, Brazil, parts of western Africa, South Africa, India, Pakistan & Thailand.

Economic Host(s)

Citrus, grapes, pomegranate, avocado, rice, sorghum & maize.


First instars feed on honeydew and as they mature feeding switches to feeding on fruit, flowers and stalks. The presence of silk webbing and evidence of external feeding are signs of infestation.


Generations: Up to 7 (climate dependent)


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