Corn Ear Worm Moth – Helicoverpa zea




Wingspan of 32-45 mm. Forewings variable but often yellowishbrown in colour with a central dark spot – often more distinct when viewed from below. Forewing may also have a broad dark medial band but margin of wing not darkened. Hindwings are creamy white basally and dark distally, often with a small dark spot centrally.


Early instars are grey with a black head. Final instars reach 40 mm in length. Two colour phases exist – a brown or green phase. Longitudinal lines of white, cream or yellow are present with the spiracular band being the most distinct. Final instars may become brighter in colour with pink and extra


Semi-spherical and ribbed, 0.59 mm in diameter. Initially green in colour and turning red then grey with age. 1-3 eggs typically laid on silk of maize or fruiting structures of plant.


The Americas and China

Economic Host(s)

Polyphagous but prefers maize, sorghum, tomato and pepper.


On hatching larvae move to young vegetative parts such as blossoms and buds or outer leaves of plant (or silks in maize) to feed. Later larvae may bore into fruits, pods and cobs to feed.


Up to 11


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