European Grain Moth – Nemapogon granella


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Wingspan of 9-18 mm and body length of ca. 7mm. Forewing white with a basal black bar and mottled with brownish, black and grey patches. Hindwings are uniformly greyish-brown and surrounded by a fringe of long hairs. Head is covered with yellowish-white spiky scales


Final instars reach a length of 7-10 mm. Body white with a pale yellow to dark brown head. Prothoracic plate is yellowish to pale brown


Laid singly or in small batches directly onto a food source


Europe, North America, Argentina, northern Asia and Australia.

Economic Host(s)

A wide variety of cereal based products including wheat oats and barley and nuts, seeds and dried fruit


Larvae typically infest the top 5-6cm of grain, feeding initially on the germ and then the endosperm. Signs include clumped grain with silk and frass and pupal cases. Infestations can result in a noxious odour


2 or more (climate dependant)


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