European Grapevine Moth – Lobesia botrana


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Wingspan of 11-13 mm and a length of ca. 6-8 mm, female being slightly larger. Forewings with a bluish-grey ground colour with a pale cream border and scales of the costa and dorsum are darker than rest of ground colour. A mosaic of black, cream, brown, red and blue markings across the wing. Hindwings are light brownish-grey darkening towards the apex.


After hatching larvae are 0.95-1 mm long with a dark brown to black head and prothoracic plate and a pale-yellow body. Final instars reach 10-15 mm in length with a pale brown head and prothoracic plate. Body colour varies from pale green to pale brown.


Slightly elliptical and flattened, measuring 0.65-0.90 x 0.45-0.75 mm. Initially pale cream and becoming pale grey with age. Laid singly or in small clusters on buds, pedicels and leaves in the early season and on fruits later in the season. Eggs hatch after 7-10 days.


Europe, the Middle East, north and east Africa, western Asia, USA, Argentina and Chile

Economic Host(s)

Grape (Vitis) .


First generation larvae penetrate flower buds to feed and later on wrap buds together with silk to feed within. Later instars initially feed externally on developing fruit and once the fruit begin to desiccate the larvae bore into the fruit to feed


2-5 (climate dependent)


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