Fruit Tree Leaf Roller – Archips argyrospila


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Forewing length of 6-10.2 mm in the male and 8.5-11.7 mm in the females. Forewings coloured a mix of redbrown, dark brown and tan. Most individuals have two triangular to semi-rectangular pale tan patches on the fore costa. Hind wings a grey colour. Females are generally paler than males.


Final instars are 15-24 mm in length and translucent green to grey. The head is red-brown to dark brown and may be mottled. Prothoracic shield is amber with brown shading laterally. Prothoracic legs are brown to black while other legs are pale.


Laid in white masses on twigs and covered in a substance that hardens to give a smooth tough surface.


Native to North America, being found throughout the USA and southern Canada.

Economic Host(s)

A wide range of trees but most economically damaging to orchard fruit trees.


Early larvae bore into buds to feed while later instars exit the buds to feed on leaves and fruit, sheltered in rolled leaves.


Generations: 1


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