Goat Moth – Cossus cossus


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Wingspan of 68 – 96 mm. Forewings grey-brown with indistinct grey-white pattern of numerous wavy lines. Hind wings grey-brown with few markings. Thorax velvety brown-grey with black transversal stripe.


Initially pink after eclosing and becoming red brown by the last instar. Dorsum darker and head black. Length of 80-120 mm.


Pale brown and oblong, 1.2-1.7mm long. Laid in clusters in bark crevices.


Europe, the Middle East and most parts of Asia.

Economic Host(s)

A wide variety of tree species including apple ( Malus ), pear ( Pyrus ), olive ( Oleae ), sweet chestnut ( Castanea ) and oak ( Quercus ).


Larvae bore in all directions within the sap and heartwood of tree trunks and branches interfering with sap circulation and can result in tree death. Frass and an unusual goat like odour are signs of infestation as is exuding resin from entrance/exit holes.


<1 (larval development can take up to 5 years)


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