Indian Meal Moth – Plodia interpuctella


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Wingspan of 16-20 mm. Forewings reddish-brown with coppery sheen on outer two thirds of wing and grey on the inner third, usually with a dark band at the junction between the two shadings. Hindwings are uniformly grey.


Final instars reach 13 mm in length. Body colour varies from pink, brown to green. Five pairs of prolegs are present. The head is brown.


Greyish-white, measuring from 0.3-0.5 mm in length. Eggs are laid singly or in small batches directly on to food sources.


Worldwide except northern Asia and parts of South America.

Economic Host(s)

A variety of stored products including grain products, seeds, dried fruit and spices


The larvae burrow into the stored product to feed within a silk woven feeding den, which expands as the larvae grows. Webbing, heaps of flour dust, frass and exuviae are signs of infestation.


Up to 9 (in warmer storehouses)


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