Large Fruit Tree Tortrix – Archips podana


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Forewing length of 19-23 mm in the male and 20-28 mm in the females. Forewings purplish-ochreous, each with a brown reticulated pattern with dark markings and a dark spot at wing tip. Hind wings brownish grey in female and grey in males, both suffused with orange at edges.


Length up to 22 mm. Body light green to greyish green with pale pinacula. Head chestnut brown to black. Prothoracic plate chestnut brown with darker latera and hind margins and a pale front margin. Anal plate green or grey and thoracic legs brown to black. Hindmost spiracle larger than rest.


Green flat eggs, 0.6-0.7 mm across laid in a raft like mass on the surface of leaves. The batch is covered in a waxy secretion that protects and camouflages the eggs.


Throughout Europe, northern Asia and now introduced into parts of North America.

Economic Host(s)

A range of fruit trees, in particular, apple (Malus) and pear (Pyrus).


Main damage stems from larval feeding on fruits. Feeding injuries consist of small irregular shallow pits with deposits of white frass.


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