Light Brown Apple Moth – Epiphyas postvittana


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Forewing length of males 5.3-11.1 mm and 5.4-12.5 mm for females. Forewings pale brown to pale yellow with brown to dark brown markings. Males usually have basal half of forewings pale with a well-defined medial band and dark mark on the costa distal to the median band. Female forewing colour more uniform with poorly defined median band and an overall mottled appearance. Most females have 2 dark spots on the posterior of thorax.


First instar larvae are ca. 1.6 mm long in length and final instars 10-20 mm long. Mature larvae are typically yellowish-green, darker dorsally. Pinacula are paler than rest of body with white setae. Head is pale brown and prothoracic shield concolourous with rest of body. Anal comb well developed with 7-8 straight prongs.


Flat, oval, translucent, appearing white to yellow. Laid in masses of 4-96 eggs on the upper surfaces of smooth leaves in addition to stems and fruit.


Native to Australia and now found in New Zealand, Hawaii, the UK, Netherlands & Sweden and California in the USA.

Economic Host(s)

A wide range of fruit crops including blueberry, apple, pear, peach and citrus.


Early instars feed on the underside of leaves within a silken chamber. Later instars may fold leaves or create a nest from several leaves webbed together. Leaves may also webbed to fruit, allowing the larvae to feed on the surface of fruit.


Generations: 2-4


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