Marbled Orchard Tortrix – Hedya nubiferana


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Wingspan of 17-21 mm. Forewings brown to dark grey basally and white with bluish-grey, brown or black strokes distally. An isolated black spot is present near the border of the light and dark parts. Hindwings are grey-brown with a concolorous fringe. Head and thorax dark brown.


Initially larvae are yellow in colour, before becoming greyish-green. Pinacula small and black. Head shining black and prothoracic plate black with a pale anterior margin and pale medial groove. Anal plate blackish-brown and thoracic legs dark brown or black.


Oval and flattened, finely reticulated. Translucent at first and becoming yellowish-white with age. Laid singly or in small batches of 2-4 eggs on the underside of leaves.


Europe across to Asia minor and Siberia. Also introduced to North America.

Economic Host(s)

Apple (Malus), cherry, plum, apricot and almond (Prunus)


Larvae attack opening buds and spin flower buds together to feed. Leaves are also bound together with silken threads.




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