Oriental Fruit Fly – Bactrocera dorsalis




Wings clear except for a narrow costal band that doesn’t reach R4+5. Scutum mostly black, scutellum yellow except for basal band. Abdomen with narrow medial dark stripe on tergites 3-5. Postpronotal lobes yellow & femora not extensively marked.


Third instar with length of 7.5-10 mm and width of 1.5-2mm. Stomal sensory organ of head with 3-4 sensilla. Anterior portion of each thoracic segment with encircling band of rows of small spinules. Anterior spiracles of 8-12tubules. Posterior spiracles 2.5-3 times as long as broad. Spiracular hairs just longer than slit.


Reticulate, white to white-yellow, 0.8mm long withmicropyle slightly protruding. Laid singly below the skin of host fruit.


Native to most parts of Asia and now also found in Hawaiiand a number of pacific islands.

Economic Host(s)

A wide range of fruit crops including apple (Malus), guava (Psidium), mango (Mangifera), peach (Prunus) and pear (Pyrus).


Larvae feed internally on the fruiting stage. Necrosis and sometimes resinous deposits near puncture holes are often signs of female oviposition. Decomposition of the fruit often follows.


Up to 10


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