Oriental Leaf Worm Moth – Spodoptera litura




Wingspan of 30-38 mm and a body length of 15-20 mm. Forewings are grey to reddish-brown with a variegated pattern and paler lines along the veins. The reniform spot is brown outlined with white and a row of long hour-glass markings are present along the outer margin. Hindwings are greyish-white with grey margins and often dark veins


Young larvae are light green becoming dark green to brown dorsally and paler ventrally in later instars. Dark and pale longitudinal bands are visible laterally and a pair of semilunar spots on each abdominal segment. A bright yellow stripe runs along the body dorsally.


Spherical, ca. 0.6 mm in diameter and pale orange brown to pink in colour. Laid in batches covered with golden brown hair scales on leaves.


Asia, Oceania and the USA

Economic Host(s)

A wide range of plants including cotton, Lucerne, rice, soyabean, aubergine, tomato and cultivated flowers.


Larval feeding results in skeletonization of leaves and total defoliation of plants can occur. Holes in bolls and fruits occur, filled with dark to yellowish-green frass.


Up to 12


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