Peach Twig Borer – Anarsia lineatella


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Wingspan of 14-16 mm. Forewings are narrow, grey black to brown in colour with black longitudinal stripes and a large brown spot in the middle of the fore border. Hind wings are grey and fringed. Labial palps are grey & forward projecting.


Length up to 16 mm, dirty white to pale brown in colour and a black head. The body becomes a chocolate brown colour as the larvae develops and white portions between each segment give a banded appearance. Stiff bristles can be seen on the underside of the last segment of mature larvae.


Elongated, white eggs are deposited on leaves. The eggs later become orangey in colour.


Most of Europe, except northern regions, North Africa, Asia, the Middle East and North America.

Economic Host(s)

Orchard fruits, in particular peach, nectarine and apricot.


Damage to twigs is similar to larvae of Grapholita molesta with young shoots wilting and dying back 1 or more inches from the tip. On green and ripe fruit the larvae do not feed near the centre unlike the larvae of G. molesta.


Generations: 2-4 (region dependent)


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