Pearly Underwing Moth – Peridroma saucia




Wingspan of 38-50 mm. Forewings are variable, but typically grey-brown and fuscous with a strong reddish tinge. The lower half of the kidney shaped spot is fuscous. Hindwings are semitransparent white with a brown marginal edge.


Larvae are typically 35-46 mm in length. Body varies in colour from pale grey to dull brown and is mottled and streaked with dark brown or black. A yellow lateral stripe is present. A black “W” shaped marking is present on the dorsum of last segment and yellow spots on the dorsum of segments 4 to 7.


Spherical, ribbed and white to pale yellow, becoming brown with age. Laid in irregular shaped batches on stems or leaves.


The Americas, Europe, the Middle East and Asia

Economic Host(s)

A wide range of plants including pepper, tomato, potato, lucerne and tobacco.


Early instars usually climb the host plant to feed externally on foliage, buds and fruit. Later instars often burrow into the ground to feed on or within stems and roots resulting in collapse of plants.




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