Pepper Weevil – Anthonomus eugenii





Length of 2.0–3.5 mm. Body is dark brown to black, with strongly arched elytra and a long rostrum (snout). The body is clothed in decumbent yellow hair like scales. The antennae are elbowed with a club of 3 segments and all femora bear a small tooth.


First instars are ca. 1mm in length while final instars can grow to 5mm. Legless, curved, “C” shaped, and greyish-white to yellow in colour with a pale brown head.


White when first deposited and becoming yellow with age. They are oval shaped, 0.53 mm in length and deposited singly beneath the surface of a bud or pod and covered with a gelatinous cap.


Central and North America, the Mediterranean region and southern Asia.

Economic Host(s)

Plants of the potato family Solanaceae, especially Peppers (Capsicum species).


Eggs are laid in small cavities that the female creates beneath buds and in immature fruits. Larvae develop in buds & fruits causing yellowing of leaves, bud & fruit drop and fruit distortion. Adults feed on leaves, creating small circular or oval punctures that resemble slug or caterpillar damage.


Generations: 3-5 typically but up to 8 during warm years


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Two semipermeable sachets