Plum Fruit Moth – Grapholita funebrana


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Forewing length of 4-7.5 mm. Forewings are reddish-brown with indistinct silvery-grey markings on the front edge. Hindwings are brown.


Early instars are whitish with a black head and prothoracic plate. Late instars reach a length of 9-12 mm. Body bright reddish-pink. Head is dark brown and prothoracic plate is yellowish-brown. The anal plate is pale brown with dark mottling. Anal comb present with 4-10 small teeth.


Flattened and whitish in colour. Laid singly on young fruit in the first generation and near the base of mature fruit in later generations.


Europe, Asia and Algeria

Economic Host(s)

Stone fruits (Prunus spp) including apricot, cherry, peach and plum.The Date Palm, Phoenix dactylifera


After hatching young larvae bore into fruit to feed on pulp around the stone. Entry holes may be visible and infested fruit may become discoloured and drop early. Gummy liquid may exude from the entrance hole.


2 – 7 (climate dependent)


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