Tomato Leaf Miner – Tuta absoluta


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Wingspan of 10-12 mm and a body length of ca. 6 mm. Forewings are silvery grey and brown with dark spots. Antennae are filiform with alternating light and dark segments. Labial palps are recurved.


Newly hatched larvae are whitish yellow and ca. 0.5-0.9 mm long. Mature larvae become yellow-green with a pinkish colour dorsally and reach 7.5 mm in length. The head is dark coloured.


Cylindrical, ca. 0.36 x 0.22 mm in size and creamy white to yellow, becoming darker with age. Laid on the underside and to a lesser extent on the upperside of leaves.


Europe, Africa, South America, the Middle East, India and Russia.

Economic Host(s)

Tomato and to a lesser extent potato.


After hatching young larvae penetrate into leaves, fruits, buds and stems to feed within galleries or blotch like mines. Leaf mines contain darker frass and become necrotic. Stem galleries prevent plant development. Larvae prefer to attach apical buds, flowers and fruits. Larvae do not attack potato tubers.


5-12 (climate dependent)


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