Tomato Looper – Chrysodeixis chalcites


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Wingspan of up to 40 mm. Forewings is 15-17 mm long usually a golden colour but can also be a bronze colour. Two oval silver spots are present on the forewings which are often united. Hindwing is pale. The thorax has 2 prominent crests.


Mature larvae are 34-38 mm in length. Body is pale yellow-green with a glassy green to grey head edged with a black streak. A thin dark green to black line stretched from the head to the 7th abdominal segment above the spiracles. A thicker whiter line is below this. Spiracles are black and ventral region is speckled with white dots.


Dome shaped, white to pale green and shiny with 28-32 vertical ribs from micropyle to base.


Europe, the Middle East, India and Africa.

Economic Host(s)

A wide range of fruit and vegetable crops outdoors and within greenhouses. Favoured hosts include tomato, beans, potato, tobacco, soybean, pepper and cucumber.


Early instars feed on the underside of leaves. Later instars feed within rolled leaves leaving skeletonised remains behind. They will also bore into pods of legumes to feed.


Generations: Up to 9 (climate dependent)


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