Varied Carpet Beetle – Anthrenus verbasci


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Length of 1.7-3.5 mm, with upper surface with black, brownish-yellow and white scales which are long. Elytra with 3 white transverse bands of scales, sometimes split. Sides of pronotum only weakly rounded. Antennae with 11 segments of which 3 make up a club. The 1st abdominal sternite has a black line on each side, running from hind coxae to back of segment.


Larvae are 4-5 mm long, elongate and densely hairy. The body is patterned with alternating pale and dark brown stripes and wider at the rear than at front. 3 pairs of long hair tufts are present apically.


Laid in batches of ca. 40 eggs on or near larval food sources.


Europe, North America, North Africa, Asia and the Middle East

Economic Host(s)

Materials containing keratin and chitin especially museum collections, woollen carpets & rugs.


Larvae prefer to feed in darkened, undisturbed areas. Evidence of damage and the presence of brown, shell-like bristly cast skins are evidence of an infestation


Generations: 1-2. Larvae can live for over 2 years when food is scarce.


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