Research and Development

Research and Development is an integral part of the IPS business strategy, making sure the quality and performance of our solutions to pest challenges are of superior quality. We are constantly looking to find either better or new ways to monitor and manage emerging pests. It is an important activity for us, as climate change is one factor driving the spread of pests and diseases.

We continuously invest in our technical facilities and are looking forward to our new facility the Pest Research Hub. Currently our laboratory space includes equipment to facilitate GC, HPLC and particle analysis. A custom designed insectary and behavioural testing room including a wind tunnel will enhance our facilities even further.
IPS is perfectly positioned to collaborate with interested commercial or research partners to develop exciting new products that support sustainable pest management.

We are constantly working on a range of projects driven by research, customer demand, new pest outbreaks and improvement of our products.
Current and recent research includes:

Trap Development

A new effective line up of traps for the Pest Control Market. These include our sticky range, initially consisting of a small delta trap for flying pests, the CrawlerTract trap for monitoring beetles, silverfish and cockroaches; a cockroach trap, designed to be used with an attractant to monitor or control cockroaches and some beetle pests. We are developing pre-baited sticky boards for monitoring Tineola bisselliella, the common Clothes Moth and Ephestia & Plodia species (Tobacco and Meal Moths).

Trap Improvement

The new Uni Trap with pole attachment and internal lure holder. This trap can be secured onto interlocking poles, perfect for agricultural settings where suitable structures for hanging a trap are scarce.

Lure Improvement and Development

Lures for the Pepper Weevil, Anthonomus eugenii and the Pistacio moth, Kermania pistaciella.
Our extensive range of lures continues to grow.

A faster acting MuscaTract powder formulation which is highly efficient over an extended period.