Technical support

IPS offer technical services to further support our customer requirements. Our team has a wealth of experience in the correct implementation of integrated pest management systems and can advise on its principles and practicalities in a number of ways.

  • The most effective pheromone, kairomone or attractant.
  • The most suitable dispenser type to suit intended environment or longevity of use.
  • The most suitable trapping system to maximise capture rate.
  • Placement plans for lures and traps to deliver optimum results.
  • Variances in insect behavior relevant to trapping success.

Lab Services

IPS have in house lab facilities to offer further technical services to customers. This includes gas chromatography analysis equipment, temperature controlled test environment, Insectory and  various testing systems. This gives us the ability to analyse lure chemistry for purity and quality, undertake release rate studies, simulate field environments, develop new pheromone formulations, do wind tunnel studies of insect behavior and many more beneficial services.

Marketing Material

We offer a comprehensive range of marketing material for all IPS products and the Insectrac brand. Working closely with customers who wish to distribute our product ranges we can supply detailed specifications, SDS's, instruction sheets, leaflets and brochures to fully support the sale of these items.


Toll Manufacturing

Allowing greater flexibility in services IPS offer we can formulate, manufacture and package pheromone dispensers and traps for customers who prefer to supply materials. We have modern facilities with a comprehensive range of manufacturing machinery, packaging equipment and technologically advanced processes to help achieve this. Our highly trained production team work to ISO9001: 2015 & GMP standards ensuring all products are manufactured and packed to the highest quality.


Please contact us for further information.