Pest control, as an industry, is growing at a rapid rate

This growth is due to various factors, such as the rise of urban developments, growing consumer awareness concerning health and other hygiene issues, changes in weather patterns and climate change.
With it has come the increasing demand for “green” and environmentally friendly solutions, and a general rise in intolerance for pests.
More companies and homes are shifting toward environmentally acceptable technology and it is important for pest control businesses to have the right solutions in their arsenal to satisfy this demand.

Why our products?

All the solutions offered by International Pheromone Systems are based on research, trial results and customer feedback. We continue to develop products and solutions for new and emerging pests whilst constantly looking to improve our current range.
We have begun to see evidence of regional differences in the pheromone composition of different species and we are making sure that we remain alert and offer the most suitable lure for a particular species in a particular region. Feedback has been gathered from trials across the globe to determine the best pheromone formulation to offer for a particular pest.

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All our semiochemical formulations are produced using high quality chemicals and a strict quality control regime ensures that our lures always contain the correct pheromone loading and ratio of chemical components.

IPS produces most of traps itself, including the original Unitrap and are actively striving to developing new, even more effective trap designs.
As a Pest Control Business, you may work in a specialist area, such as food or other storage facilities, zoos or museums. Your business might be looking after heritage properties and estates, needing to ensure the safety of furniture, carpets, tapestries clothing, books and manuscripts from pests.

International Pheromones Systems has solutions to many of these challenges and we’d be happy to discuss with you how we might be able to help you.

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Scientific Name Common Name More Information
Music & Calliphorid Flies Flies More information soon
Vespid, Muscid & Calliphorid Species Combined Wasp & Fly More information soon
Vespula germanica & Vespula vulgaris Wasps More information soon
Scientific Name Common Name More Information
Anthrenus verbasci Varied Carpet Beetle Click for more information
Lasioderma serricorne Cigarette Beetle More information soon
Sitophilus granarius Granary Weevil More information soon
Stegobium paniceum Biscuit Beetle More information soon
Tribolium confusum Confused Flour Beetle More information soon
Prostephanus truncatus Larger Grain Borer More information soon
Tribolium Catstaneum Catstaneum Flour Beetle More information soon
Tribolium Catstaneum Catstaneum Flour Beetle More information soon